Secret of Life Series 『DNA+』 – Skin Test


You can't stop the hands of time, but you can limit its effects on your appearance. What if we tell you age didn't have to be synonymous with aging?

The signs of aging don’t appear out of nowhere. Even before they become visible on the outside, they are already affecting the skin deep inside.

Acecgt NutriGene guides you to look deep down into DNA and reveal the tips for keeping your skin looking young forever!

Diet, genes, lifestyle and environment interact with each other every day and every minute in your body. Proper diet and lifestyle, suitable skin care products are what we can do to protect ourselves from premature aging.

The Secret of Life Series『DNA+』Skin Test focuses on 3 areas with 8 facts, helping us adopting the best skincare method and prevention habits:

Tanning & Sun Sensitivity

Skin Pigmentation

Melanin protects skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays, and we found some variations in OCA2 gene are significantly associated with skin pigmentation in East Asian, which make our skin color different from the others.

Pigment Spot

Dark spots are a prominent sign of skin aging and develop earlier with excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) and air pollution. Individuals with higher genetic risk factor would have a higher chance to develop dark spots.

Photoaging Severity

STXBP5L gene variant was found to have intrinsic advantages to protect skin from aging when exposed to ultraviolet radiation (UV), leading to a slower rate of developing skin wrinkling and sagging.

Skin Barrier & Hydration

Skin Barrier & Hydration

FLG gene is essential for maintaining normal skin barrier against water loss and foreign invasion. Loss-of-function mutation in the FLG gene is common in causing skin disorders such as Ichthyosis Vulgaris (IV) and atopic dermatitis (Eczema).

Skin Firmness & Elasticity

Anti-Oxidative Damage Risk

Antioxidant is responsible for protecting our body from free radical damage. The less antioxidant in the body, the less efficient our body could against free radical damage. Hence accelerated premature aging.

Rate of Collagen Breakdown

Genetic variation was found predisposed to accelerated collagen breakdown, resulting in wrinkling and lack of firmness.

Crows Feet

Individuals with higher genetic risk has been identified with higher susceptibility to the effect of environmental exposure to substance such as Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and dioxin-like chemicals.

Skin Laxity

The first sign of aging appears around our eyes, in the form of crow’s feet and drooping upper eyelids that make you appear older. We have revealed a gene that is associated with an additive protective effect on the degree of fatty tissue deposition, especially on the skin around the eyes area.


We have gathered heaps of proven data during our “DNA+ Book of Gene Series” project. With our precise DNA+ specification, we pick out the most representative genes as genetic indicators. To reveal the secrets, all you need to do is just to contribute some buccal cells from the inner side of cheeks, and Acecgt NutriGene will do the rest for you!

Please be remembered that first signs of aging can appear in as early as our 20s, and skin maintenance is much easier than to reverse the first fine line on your skin. The sooner you understand the needs of your skin, the sooner you can know the tips for keeping you looking young longer!

The whole process is non-invasive, absolutely no discomfort
* Buccal cell sample is collected by scraping the inner side of cheeks with cotton swap
* The process is simple and quick that it only takes about 2 minutes of sampling time